The most common question I get is, "Where can I download the manual for my kit?", or "Where can I find the drivers for the ID-O-Matic?"

To see and download documentation and drivers, go to your kit's product page. That's the page where you can order the kit (go to the home pags and click on the picture of your kit). Now scroll down just a bit -- find the DOWNLOADS tab. That's where you will find links to the latest assembly manual, drivers, etc. for your kit.

If you can't get a file to download, it's NOT the web site malfunctioning. Trust me. If you arrived here by clicking a link on DXZone or some similar site, try typing "" into your actual web browser address bar, not Google or Yahoo or Bing or some other web site. IF all else fails, you can email me for help... but please be sure to tell me you've already done these things or I'll very likely send you a link to this page. :)

If you are looking for manuals or files for kits no longer sold (PicoKeyer, PicoKeyer-Plus, ID-O-Matic II, MK-1, etc) then please see the Old/Retired Kit Documentation link at the top pf the page. 


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