DTMF Control Board

DTMF Control Board
Brand: WJ9J
Product Code: DTMF-V5

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This information is here for information only.  This product is out of stock, and I have no plans to stock these.  If you want one, please contact the manufacturer directly via email (wj9jrg@gmail.com) or check his eBay store.  I cannot ship or backorder this item.

Add this to your ID-O-Matic setup for remote releater ON/OFF control, as well as control of the ALT MSG input to change the ID message and/or courtesy beep.  If you want to go further, this board has a TON of features you can use -- from simple on/off control of things to remote station control, rotor control, and on and on. 

The World’s MOST versatile DTMF and Remote base controller.  Not only does it speak ICOM CI-V, but it has cool unique innovative scanning features no other controller manufacturer includes!

Hardware Specifications:

  • 8 Outputs capable of sinking 100 mA for controlling external relays or devices.  An external relay board can be used, or individual relays.  It is totally up to you.   See schematic and application notes.
  • LED Status Indicators are provided for each Logical output.
  • LED Status Indicators are switchable to an off state for stealth mode or for solar powered applications.
  • The power is on/off switchable in case you are hardwired and need to power off without unwiring.  The switch applies to the screw terminal 12V input only.  That can also be used to manually disable your relays off if feeding the power into the coaxial input.
  • LED Power Indication.
  • LED DTMF Digit Valid Indicator.
  • Screw Block Terminals for outputs.
  • Screw Block Terminals or coaxial plug / jack for power supply
  • Screw Block Terminals or 1/8” audio jack for audio connection (plug not included)
  • Power supply:  Between 3 and 30 volts.
  • A/D Input 0-20 Volts with calibration pot.
  • Asynchronous serial output of DTMF digits, output status, A/D reading, and some response commands. 1200 baud, N,8,1
  • Current < 8 mA at 12V with the LED status off and < 4 mA when at 3 Volts.  Great for solar powered sites.  If you are using the controller to reset devices, I suggest wiring the relays to use the normally closed contacts. (to have the least amount of power draw)
  • Comes with Coaxial Plug for DC connection.
  • Size: 2-9/16" X 3-15/16"
  • Weight: 2.1 oz

CI-V Remote Base features:

  • Using this with your existing repeater controller or audio over the internet, you can control your ICOM CI-V radio.  Most ICOM HF radios made in the last 10 years have this computer control feature.
  • Control a rich feature set of several different scan modes, direct frequency entry, mode change (USB/LSB/AM/FM), memory channel and VFO control.
  • Will do almost any command your radio supports.
  • Can use ICOM’s Voice synthesizer to readback current frequency when scanning.
  • Numerous innovative features created with thought toward remote users!  One unique feature is Scan Snap, which pauses longer on every 1 Khz in order to give a user a better chance of stopping the scan right on the QSO!

Some Other Features are:

  • Rotator control with analog feedback which can position your antenna exactly how you want it.  So not only a remote base, but also remote control of your antenna rotator!
  • Remote interrogation of DC voltages.  Great for solar power applications also as it draws < 8mA
  • Camera Pan tilt controller
  • 8 Logical Outputs for controlling Relays remotely, both latched and momentary with programmable durations!
  • Serial Interface to capture DTMF Commands or status of the controller.
  • Much More!

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