Why won't you answer my emails?

  I DO answer but if you have EARTHLINK or MINDSPRING or some other provider who blocks us or ever worse, if YOU (or your provider) want ME to waste my time filling out some "approval" form so you don't have to see spam, I WILL NOT DO IT!
It comes down to this: YOU don't want to waste your time with spam, so you want ME to waste my time filling out your "approved sender" form, for each and every one who wants this done, I WILL NOT DO IT!
Those with Earthlink or Mindspring (and maybe others?) accounts, you may wonder why you don't get replies from some people you send email to?
DUMP Earthlink and Mindspring, get an account that is not crippled. Anybody can get a Gmail account, they work well.

I can't find the manual for my kit!

Visit the product page for your kit.  There's a "Downloads" tab where you will find the documentation in downloadable PDF format

Can I use a PicoKeyer series keyer with my Brand X rig?

Some older tube-type transmitters and transceivers use higher voltages than the PicoKeyer, PK+ and Ultra PK can tolerate.  By "older" we're talking about vintage rigs that don't use transistors for keying.  The 2N7000 output MOSFETs are good for 60V absolute max.  This is great for most relatively modern rigs that use solid-state or hybrid keying circuits.  Of course there are exceptions, like some QRP rigs that key the PA directly.  In a few of these designs, the key has to handle several hundred mA of current.  Most keyters can't do this, and the Picokeyer is no exception.

You can use a UKA-2 or UKA-3 to handle the higher voltages used in tube radios.  You can also substitute a pair of VN2406L or VN2410L MOSFETs for Q1 & Q2; those are good for 240 volts.  There are other possible substitutes as well...  just remember that the gate voltage will be at or below 3V when selecting one.

How can you tell for sure?  Check the key-up voltage of your rig.  Below 60 volts - you're good to go.  At or above 60 volts - you'll need to add a keying adapter or substitute the MOSFETs.  If you have one of the abovementioned QRP rigs that needs a high current key, the UKA-3+ with the heavy duty relay option may work.  Or just use a straight key.

How do I connect an ID-O-Matic to my repeater equipment?

We offer plug and play cables for most MOTOROLA mobile radios with 16 or 20 pin rear accy connectors like GM-300, CDM series, Radius, MAXTRAC (you MUST have pin 8 of the RX radio's rear 16 or 20 pin accy connector programmed for PL/DPL COR active low (or high but make IDOM4 match COR active state).
We also make cables for KENWOOD TKR-720/820, TKR-750/850, BRIDGECOM
With the thousands of different types of equipment out there, I probably can't tell you how to connect it to your specific brand and model, other than above.  You might try repeater-builder.com, or consult your equipment manual and the ID-O-Matic documentation to determine the best way to connect them.
Generally, you need from your receiver radio, COR (carrier or CTCSS operated relay), RX audio (fixed level discriminator is best) and ground.
On the transmitter radio you need PTT, mic input, ground. That's it!

Where to make connection to the IDOM4 for repeater use

On the green 12 position terminal strip of the IDOM4, this is what you need for repeater operation,
pin 1 and 12 are ground
pin 2 is 12 vdc positive
pin 3 is PTT out to TX radio
Pin 4 can be used to activate the fan relay option (when programmed to do so)
Pin 7 is COR input from RX radio ‚Äč(default is active LOW but can be changed to active high in programming)
Pin 8 is RX audio in from RX radio
Pin 11 is TX audio out to TX radio

Can the ID-O-Matic be used to ID my cross-band mobile rig and add a courtesy beep?

Probably not.  Most cross-band mobiles disable the microphone and packet inputs as well as TT when in x-band mode.  You can try using the microphone or packet PTT and audio while it's running cross-band.  It likely won't work.

Can I buy one of your kits through eBay?

Yes, we have them available through eBay but prices will be higher there to reflect the increased cost to us. You can use your PayPal account or a credit card thru PayPal, so just buy here and save.

But your web site doesn't use SSL!

You're right, it doesn't.  All payment information is handled by PayPal, so no financial data is sent to or stored on my server.  In fact, there is no information on my server that could not very easily be found in the phone book, with a quick Google search, or in the FCC database.  

But I don't want to get spammed!

Well, good luck with that.  But, you won't get spammed becuase you ordered from me.  I do not release any customer information, including email addresses, to anyone, ever, period.  I take privacy very seriously, and I hate spammers as much as the next guy and more than most.

When can I order a MasterKeyer?

Sorry, but at this time I have no plans to produce a new run of MK-1s.  Check back later for any changes, or for new product announcements.

Does the price of the UltraPicokeyer Kit include the cabinet?

Yes, the cabinet is included in the price.  You can, if you really want, order it without the cabinet for a slightly reduced price. 

Do you offer volume discounts for clubs and group buys?

In most cases, yes.  The product page will show the volume purchase discounts. 


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