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12 position terminal block
This is the same terminal block supplied in the ID-O-Matic III kit.  12 position terminal block..
2N7000 Small Signal MOSFET
Versatile small signal MOSFET in a TO-92 package. If you haven't used MOSFETs before, you should..
8-pin IC socket
8 pin IC socket.  Tinned leads, high quality but econo priced.  This is the same socket su..
This is the battery holder clip for the ULTRA-PK keyer Yes, I know the picture show a b..
CPC-1978 Solid State Relay
CPC1978 or equivalent solid state relay, as used in the UKA-3+..  Max current with no heat sink..
CR2032 Lithium cell
Add one two extra when you order the ULTRA-PK keyer Lithium coin cell, 20mm diameter x 3.2mm thic..
Electrolytic Capacitor, 1000 uF
Capacitance: 1000 uF Voltage Rating DC: 35 V Tolerance: 20 % Maximum Operating Temperature:..
PicoKeyer PLUS Cabinet
This very nice quality ABS plastic cabinet is for the PicoKeyer-Plus. Looking for a cabinet fo..
High efficiency T-1 3/4 5mm red LED, red diffused dome, radial leads. Typical 30 mcd @ 10 mA. These ..
Round Micro Speaker
Micro sized magnetic speaker requires only 10mA of drive, perfect for driving from a PIC pin!  ..
Voice Recorder Board
ID your repeater, build your own voice keyer or just annoy your family and friends. This is the voic..
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Voice Recorder Board WIRES ONLY for IDOM4 voice board
Wires only, 5 conductor color coded wires as shown (colors may vary).  WIRES ONLY in this list..
Voice Recorder Board WITH WIRES for IDOM4
With a special easy cable pre-soldered to the audio board that makes it very easy to add to your IDO..
Fan Relay Board
This board, when connected to the ID-O-MATIC IV will allow control of cooling fan(s) that draw more ..
Motorola 16 or 20 pin interface cables
16 pin rear accessory cables to make an instant Plug-and-Play repeater from two *compatible Mot..
Ultra PicoKeyer Cabinet
This very nice quality plastic cabinet is modified specially for the Ultra PicoKeyer. If you ne..
Ultra PicoKeyer Cabinet END PANELS
  Choose BLACK, BLUE, RED, WHITE, GREEN, BROWN or Silver&nb..
Replacement ID-O-Matic II chip
Replacement PIC chip for the ID-O-Matic II, latest firmware version.  Note that your PCB must h..
Replacement ID-O-Matic III and IV chip
Replacement PIC chip for the ID-O-Matic III or IV, latest firmware version.  ..
Replacement PicoKeyer-Plus chip
Replacement PIC chip for the PicoKeyer-Plus with the latest firmware version.  ..
Replacement Ultra PicoKeyer CHIP v2.5 (with 8 memories)
  This is for the latest version 2.5 Upgrade your Ultra Picokeyer to the latest firmware ..
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