Programming for IDOM4

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Choose this option if you want us to program your IDOM4, you MUST specify callsign (and if you want any changes from the defaults below)


  • YOUR CALLSIGN in CW (typical is "W7RF" or "W7RF/R", if voice board chosen, we will then record voice as "this is the W7RF repeater")
  • OPTIONS DEFAULT below (only tell me if you want something changed below)
  • ID interval: ham 10 minutes, only with activity or GMRS 15 minutes, only with activity
  • TX hang time: 2 seconds (time transmitter stays on the air after user stops trsnsmitting into repeater)
  • TOT: 4 minutes (time out timer, resets on loss of signal into the repeater)
  • Courtesy beep: YES (a short "beep" is heard 0.5 second after user stops transmitting)
  • Beacon: NO (if you want your ID to occur after some interval after last ID, even without activity. Some users choose this at 60 minutes after last ID)
  • IF FAN RELAY board is chosen, we set fan to run during transmit of repeater and 2 minutes after last transmission but can be set to length of time you wish
General Information
This product is fully assembled. No connectors are installed, making it easy to connect to your ID-O-Matic III or IV or your own project via wires.
Edge-triggered playback, level-triggered playback, record
Audio signal, single-ended or speaker drive available on board
Power requirements
DC 3-12 V

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