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Introducing the NEW ID-O-Matic IV kit - A repeater controller with Morse and voice ID for under fift..
Based on 9 reviews.
Ultra PicoKeyer KIT
Want to buy it assembled?  Radio Dan can help you out.  He offers Ultra PicoKeyer and ID-O..
Based on 14 reviews.
Universal Keying Adapter 3+ KIT
Amp/Tube rig keying interface The UKA has been featured in the 2008-2010 ARRL Handbook for Radio Co..
Based on 3 reviews.
Voice Recorder Board
ID your repeater, build your own voice keyer or just annoy your family and friends. This is the voic..
Based on 3 reviews.
Universal Keying Adapter 2 KIT
*** PRICE REDUCED! *** As featured in the 2008 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications! Keyer t..
Based on 13 reviews.
Mini Keying Adapter
NEW!!  Mini Keying Adapter The response to this little kit has been great, and the first sma..
Based on 1 reviews.
Rockmite ][ QRP Transceiver Kit
I am happy to announce that HamGadgets will now be offering the new Rockmite ][ kit from QRPme! ..
LM386 Amplifier Module
Based on the popular LM386-1 audio amplifier, this tiny PCB module can provide up to 300mW of audio ..
Based on 2 reviews.
PicoKeyer for Rock-Mite (PK-RM)
The PicoKeyer-RM has undergone a MAJOR update. The new chip requires no extra parts, but adds man..
Replacement ID-O-Matic II chip
Replacement PIC chip for the ID-O-Matic II, latest firmware version.  Note that your PCB must h..
Replacement ID-O-Matic III chip
Replacement PIC chip for the ID-O-Matic III, latest firmware version.  ..
Replacement PicoKeyer-Plus chip
Replacement PIC chip for the PicoKeyer-Plus with the latest firmware version.  If you need an o..
Replacement Ultra PicoKeyer CHIP
Upgrade your Ultra Picokeyer to the latest firmware version.  This is just the chip, not the co..
DTMF Control Board
NO LONGER AVAILABLE HERE - DO NOT ORDER! This information is here for information only.  Thi..
MasterKeyer MK-1 (Discontinued)
The MK-1 is discontinued.  Please do not try to order the MK-1 at this time.   CW o..
Rockmite ][ Cabinet
I have a very limited number of nice metal cabinets for the Rockmite ][ transceivers.  If you t..
Miscellaneous charge
This item is only for miscellaneous charges negotiated via email or phone.  Order the quantity ..
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