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20 MHz Crystal
20 HMz cylindrical crystal.  Abracon 3.2 mm Dia. x 10 mm L, +/-50ppm. 18pF load capacitance.&nb..
2N7000 Small Signal MOSFET
Versatile small signal MOSFET in a TO-92 package. If you haven't used MOSFETs before, you should..
8-pin IC socket
8 pin IC socket.  Tinned leads, high quality but econo priced.  This is the same socket su..
CPC-1978 Solid State Relay
CPC1978 or equivalent solid state relay, as used in the UKA-3+..  Max current with no heat sink..
CR2032 Lithium cell
Add one two extra when you order the ULTRA-PK keyer Lithium coin cell, 20mm diameter x 3.2mm thic..
Electrolytic Capacitor, 1000 uF
Capacitance: 1000 uF Voltage Rating DC: 35 V Tolerance: 20 % Maximum Operating Temperature:..
High efficiency T-1 3/4 5mm red LED, red diffused dome, radial leads. Typical 30 mcd @ 10 mA. These ..
Red/Green Bi-Color LED
Dual color LED, red/green diffused, three terminals. Type MV5437 or similar. This is suitable for us..
Round Micro Speaker
Micro sized magnetic speaker requires only 10mA of drive, perfect for driving from a PIC pin!  ..
Voice Recorder Board
ID your repeater, build your own voice keyer or just annoy your family and friends. This is the voic..
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Fan Relay Board
This board, when connected to the ID-O-MATIC IV will allow control of cooling fan(s) that draw more ..
Motorola 16 or 20 pin interface cables
16 pin rear accessory cables to make an instant Plug-and-Play repeater from two *compatible Mot..
Ultra PicoKeyer Cabinet
This very nice quality ABS plastic cabinet is modified specially for the Ultra PicoKeyer. If you nee..
Replacement ID-O-Matic II chip
Replacement PIC chip for the ID-O-Matic II, latest firmware version.  Note that your PCB must h..
Replacement ID-O-Matic III chip
Replacement PIC chip for the ID-O-Matic III, latest firmware version.  ..
Replacement PicoKeyer-Plus chip
Replacement PIC chip for the PicoKeyer-Plus with the latest firmware version.  If you need an o..
Replacement Ultra PicoKeyer CHIP v2.2 (with 8 memories)
This is for the latest version 2.2 Upgrade your Ultra Picokeyer to the latest firmware version.&n..
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