Repeater - Beacon IDer controller (and options)

ID-O-MATIC IV reapeater or Beacon controller. CW and or Voice ID (with optional voice ID board)

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We now offer this controller completely built and tested for this price, (we offer the KIT vers..
We now offer this controller completely built and tested, see the listing next to this one. (THIS li..
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Choose this option if you want us to program your IDOM4, you MUST specify callsign (and if you ..
Voice Recorder Board
ID your repeater, build your own voice keyer or just annoy your family and friends. This is the voic..
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Voice Recorder Board WIRES ONLY for IDOM4 voice board
Wires only, 5 conductor color coded wires as shown (colors may vary).  WIRES ONLY in this list..
Voice Recorder Board WITH WIRES for IDOM4
With a special easy cable pre-soldered to the audio board that makes it very easy to add to your IDO..
Fan Relay Board
This board, when connected to the ID-O-MATIC IV will allow control of cooling fan(s) that draw more ..
Motorola 16 or 20 pin interface cables
16 pin rear accessory cables to make an instant Plug-and-Play repeater from two *compatible Mot..
ABS box 5x2.5x1T
USA made ABS plastic project box, dimensions shown are outside, 0.1" wall thickness, includes s..
USB programming cable, A to Mini-B
A USB cable with a Type A connector on one end and a Mini-B connector on the other end. Color a..
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