Replacement Ultra PicoKeyer CHIP v2.5 (with 8 memories)

Replacement Ultra PicoKeyer CHIP v2.5 (with 8 memories)
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Product Code: UPK-CHIP

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This is for the latest version 2.5

Upgrade your Ultra Picokeyer to the latest firmware version.  This is just the chip, not the complete kit.  There is no need to return your old chip.  Here's a log of changes made (and bugs fixed) since the Ultra-PK was introduced.  NOTE: All settings and messages are contained in the chip's memory, so after replacing your chip,you will need to re-record messages and change any settings you have customized.  

2.5 2020/09/26 Fixed read_buttons to include B_DEFAULT (scan for straight
                        key) in button scan, so that it's detected the first
                        time it occurs.
Fixed tune mode to NOT disable the radio when stopping
                        tune-up with dots.

2.3 (2019/03/01) paddle or straight key rescan procedure: With no plug in paddle jack press center two button, keyer responds with "P", then plug in paddle (stereo plug), now use your paddle 
If you wish to now use a straight key (mono plug), With no plug in paddle jack, press center two buttons, keyer responds with "P", now plug in mono plug, keyer sends string of dashes, press EITHER ONE of center two buttons, dashes stop, now press BOTH center two buttons, keyer responds with "K", now use your straight key. 
If you wish to use a straight key connected with a stereo plug, you MUST go into the menu to change key input to "K" for straight key
2.2 (2017/03/29) 

Added - 4 additional message memories (8 total)
Added Bank/BK menu to select bank 1 or 2, each with 4 message memories
Re-scan of key now responds with "P" for paddle, "K" for straight key

2.1 (2015/11/23)
Fixed short menu mode for MENU and MYCALL
Fixed paddle/straight key detect in all cases
Improved memory stacking button response.  Messages can be stacked up to 4 deep.
Pressing the same memory button while a message is playing will terminate the message.
Added ~ 32 second timeout to setup menu

2.0 (2015/04/30)
Added QRSS mode
Added PTT output
"Relaxed" paddle timing during message record

1.6 (2015/03/04)
Fixed beacon delays > 25 seconds

1.5 (2015/01/20)
Fixed memory stacking (multiple buttons pressed)
Fixed message record backspace (8 dits) to leave the space after the previous word
Fixed use of multiple /Snn commands in a message

1.4 (2015/01/09)
Disabled BOR for power reduction, and to fix problems with chips resetting when buttons or paddles are pressed.

1.3 (2014/11/28)
Improved paddle response during message transmission
Fixed message save issue that was truncating messages at 64 bytes, followed by a compiler bug that was corrupting longer messages.

1.2 (2014/11/09
Fixed sidetone during speed announcement, QSO decrement and tune mode

1.1 (2014/10/23)
Fixed message record with sidetone OFF
Fixed letter spacing (L) = 1
Changed multi-press button scan timing to make it more reliable
Fixed auto letter spacing and multi-button interaction

1.0 (2014/09/23)
Initial release


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