2N7000 Small Signal MOSFET

2N7000 Small Signal MOSFET
2N7000 Small Signal MOSFET
Product Code: 2N7000

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Versatile small signal MOSFET in a TO-92 package. If you haven't used MOSFETs before, you should think about it. Especially in switching applications, the 2N7000 has some advantages over the commonly used 2N2222 or 2N3904.

  • Vdss: 60V
  • Vgss: +- 20V
  • Id: 200mA continuous, 500mA pulsed
  • Rds(on): max 5 Ohms at Vgs=4.5V and Id=75mA

The price is per four MOSFETs.  Minimum quantity is four, sold in multiples of four

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