Fan Relay Board

Fan Relay Board
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This board, when connected to the ID-O-MATIC IV will allow control of cooling fan(s) that draw more current than 200ma which is the maximum current that the IDOM4 can control without this board. Here at W7RF, even a simple computer type box fan draws 350ma, so we use this Fan Relay Board ourself.

This fan relay operates as a switch, so connect your fan to run and then break ONE of the wires to it and connect each side of thawt broekn wire to teh terminals with black marks of them. When the repeater is active this will reconnect those two wires to enable the fan.



  • Connect Red wire to positive of same power supply powering IDOM4 (we use what is connected to pin 2 of IDOM4)
  • Connect Black wire to one of the 2N7000 outputs (we use keyed CW output transistor which is not used in repeater or beacon operation)
  • Be sure to program IDOM4 to enable FAN in menu 4 I/O (we use 7 C). In timers menu, default time for the fan to operate after repeater drops out is 120 seconds, you may change that but we find the default is usually sufficient.
  • Operating voltage:of this board is 12VDC
  • Fan relay is rated up to 7 amps, so any fan can be controlled
  • PCB Dimension: mm * mm
General Information
This product is fully assembled. No connectors are installed, making it easy to connect to your ID-O-Matic III or IV or your own project via wires.
Buffered input , triggered by ground on input.
SPDT relay contacts. C and NO contacts identified with black marks near terminal screws
Power requirements
DC 12 Vdc

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