LM386 Amplifier Module

LM386 Amplifier Module
Product Code: C386-1

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Based on the popular LM386-1 audio amplifier, this tiny PCB module can provide up to 300mW of audio power.  Easily configured for either 20 (26dB) or 200 (46dB) gain.


  • LM386-1 chip
  • Gain of 200, easily changed to 20 by removing one SMT part
  • Terminal block for connecting a speaker
  • 10K variable resistor for adjusting audio gain
  • LED power indicator
  • Operating voltage: 4 ~ 12V
  • Board size 41 mm x 13 mm (1.6" x 0.5")



Imported from China.

General Information

Q: How do I reduce the amplifier gain?

A: Pins 1 & 8 of the LM386 amplifier chip are used to set the amplifier gain. If they are left open (unconnected), the gain is set by an internal resistor to 20 (26 dB). If a 10 uF capacitor is connected between pins 1 & 8 the internal resistor is bypassed, and gain is set to 200 (46 dB). An external resistor can be used to set the gain anywhere in between.

This module has a capacitor and a zero Ohm resistor in series between pins 1 & 8, so the gain is set to 200. If you need lower gain (in other words, a less sensitive amplifier) you can un-solder the zero Ohm chip resistor R1, or simply clip it in half with a small pair of diagonal or flush cutters. Just be careful not to damage the other components on the board.

  • Audio Input
  • Vcc - 4 to 12 V DC
  • Audio Output
Power requirements
DC 4 to 12 Volts, regulated
Controls & Indicators
Input attenuator: 10K trimmer potentiometer Power: Red SMT chip LED

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