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You asked for DTMF control for the ID-O-Matic - you can now add a WJ9J DTMF remote control board.  Simple connections and easy setup gives you repeater ON/OFF and ALT MSG control from anywhere.  And the boards are assembled and tested!

Hi, I'm Dale, N0XAS. I hope you will find something interesting in my small assortment of "Ham Gadgets". If you're a kit builder, you will find a number of kits to make your operating easier.  The PicoKeyer series of electronic memory Morse code keyers are very popular and are being used every day by thousands of hams around the world.  Repeater builders, beacon operators and fox hunt coordinators -- check out the ID-O-Matic IV.  Hams with tube transmitters and amplifiers love the UKA-2 and UKA-3+ kits.  Please take a while to browse around. If you encounter any problems, please email me by clicking the "Contact us" link at the bottom of the page or just send an email


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